Drive project velocity across the solar lifecycle


High resolution orthomosaics enable teams to assess site viability remotely, and reduce the need to send engineering teams for onsite inspections.

get the big picture and rise above the noise

Large scale solar projects are like the worlds largest puzzle, with a thousand pieces that have to come together just right to generate a profitable outcome. Miss one, and you'll end up leaving money on the table. But what if you could see the entirety of all the pieces on the board? Drone operations give you a new perspective that accelerate virtually every aspect of the solar project lifecycle, from site assessment and surveying, to site construction tracking, commissioning and even O&M. And they do it cheaper, faster and better than traditional methodologies. With productivity gains of up to a 90% while delivering the same or better results, it's no wonder that the larger firms are making major investments in drone technology. Now PrecisionXYZ provides you access to those same benefits, with over 20 years of experience in UAV technology and over 17 years of executive domain knowledge of the solar development lifecycle.

Thermal analysis highlights problem areas within minutes of processing, enabling commissioning, O&M, and asset teams to quickly determine corrective actions. 

Services for Every stage of your project needs

Most development teams have worked with aerial based surveys at some point in their careers - manned aircraft collect hundreds of images then software stitches those images together to produce large orthomosaics (essentially one large picture of an entire site) and 3D objects such as topological surveys. Drone technology enables these same functions and with faster turnaround times, greater precision and overall lower costs. For the solar sector the applications cover the entire project development workflow:

  • Site Assessments - accelerate analysis of prospective sites quickly without sending out an engineering team. 
  • Precision Mapping - create topo maps faster with a higher level of precision than traditional aerial systems.  
  • Site progress monitoring - manage progress across thousands of acres with weekly or monthly monitoring.
  • Thermal Commissioning - find problem panels, strings or trackers - prior to final vendor payment.
  • O&M - regular, annual thermal scans supplement the capabilities of large scale monitoring systems. 

Drone based solutions enable your team and your business to drive results faster and more efficiently by giving you the big picture, be it high resolution orthomosaics, 3D images for your engineering team, or fast thermal analysis for your asset management team. 

Modeling and mapping of power plant sites provides a digital tool during site design and performance modeling, and enables engineering teams to quickly determine optimal configurations. 

Why work with PrecisionXYZ? 

The PrecisionXYZ team combines over 20 years of drone and technology experience with over 17 years of deep domain knowledge of the solar sector. We know that great products and services get built by teams that know how to listen to their customers, ask the right questions and deliver the right solutions. In short we are a group of seasoned professionals you can trust to get the job done, on time and on budget. So if you'd like to understand how drone technology can help you and your team accelerate your project development efforts, give us a call directly at 1-877-580-4180 during our normal business hours or simply click on the "Schedule a Meeting Today" button above.