Topographic Mapping

Get the maps you need - fast.


We all know the old adage - fast or accurate, choose one. Prioritizing speed or accuracy is a tough choice, but what if you could have both?

For projects spanning tens, hundreds or thousands of acres (or more), drones are a better tool for mapping than traditional methods, generating accurate, repeatable results significantly faster than conventional ground-based approaches.

Combined with high-resolution orthomosaics, the final product is both aesthetically superior and provides a faster turnaround time than traditionally derived line drawings.


Avoid project delays due to slow turnover on surveys - Precision XYZ's Topographic Mapping service, combined with a network of experienced Professional Land Surveyors, gets your engineering team the accurate data they need to get to work quickly and efficiently.

Get The Maps You Need - fast

Surveyors with drones can now map new locations down to millimeter-level accuracy and generate a complete topo map in days rather than weeks or months. Precision XYZ works under the guidance of licensed PLS' to deliver surveys compliant with both regional and national requirements.

Get The Quality You Demand

Precision XYZ is not a survey firm, nor are we an engineering firm. We understand the time-sensitive nature of development work as well as the need for accurate, survey - grade data. That's why we work directly with surveyors licensed to operate in your region to ensure that your final product meets the most rigorous engineering and legal requirements.

Benefits & Features

Accurate CAD documents, delivered quickly

Get your engineering team to work on your project facility faster

Simple and efficient engagement process

Rapid turnaround - most projects within 5 business days

High accuracy - 3cm horizontal and 5cm vertical, ADA compliant

Industry standard formats for every engineering need - DEM, DTM, XYZ, LAS, PDF, DWG and DXF

Introducing AirWing

All your needs - under one wing

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Run your solar asset like a well-oiled machine by leveraging some of the brightest minds in the business.

Deep Financial Understanding

Only PXYZ provides a comprehensive financial analysis of your asset, ensuring you focus on the highest impact areas.

Fast Data Processing

PXYZ's software and engineers are able to turn over project deliverables with industry leading turnaround times.

Lower Costs, More Data

Leveraging PXYZ's robotics and software drives down costs and manpower needs while increasing output data points.

Superior Flight Operations

From military bases to active airfields and even prisons - if it can be flown legally we can get the clearance.

A Team of Experts

PXYZ was founded by experts in energy, aviation and technology. As experienced business people first, we understand the value of speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Secure Robotics

All of PXYZ's robotics are secure and approved for use at or near sensitive government airspace.

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