Thermal Inspections

Accelerate project commissioning and improve asset performance with rapid, accurate thermal scans.


Thermal scans are a proven method to quickly identify diminished or offline solar assets. These scans are particularly valuable during the commissioning process, reducing IV curve tracing requirements by 90% or more.

Our comprehensive thermal commissioning reports will give you peace of mind that you aren't buying defective assets from day one, saving you a ton of hassle and hidden costs down the road.


We run a financial pro-forma model on every power plant where we conduct thermal analyses. We'll know which type of errors are relevant to your return targets...and frankly, which ones can wait. We know that every truck roll costs you and your business money, and repair costs have to be balanced against potential recovered revenue.

thermal inspection from drone

Once plants are operational, the value of thermal scans is subject to more scrutiny. How much are offline or damaged assets really costing you? For a solar panel that only generates $20 a year in revenue, why send a crew out to replace it? We have a better way.

When you do need to roll a truck to address issues on site, you want to make sure the crews work fast and efficiently. That's true for both power plant commissioning as well as ongoing O&M.

In the world of solar, O&M crews often find themselves working in difficult, remote locations that can span hundreds and sometimes thousands of acres. Simply locating non-working assets on sites this large can be a problem. That's why every thermal scan that Precision XYZ conducts comes with our unique Air-2-Ground software service.

thermal imaging inspection drone

One of the best features of Air-2-Ground is that 99% of your teams already have the tool they need to use it. Crews simply use their smartphones to directly and efficiently lead them to the area in question. There's no need to download a new application - just open your web browser and off you go.

Benefits & Features

Reduce IV Curve tracing requirements by 90%

Identify warranty claims prior to Commercial Operation Date (COD)

Verify overall plant performance rating prior to COD

Estimate daily economic impact of anomalies prior to COD

Reduce transit time by 10% or more for O&M teams

Georectified Orthomosaics of the site

Thermal anomaly detection

Thermal plant rating (Poor - Excellent)

Effective Annual Degradation indices based on thermal data

Efficiently direct crews to the right location using Air-2-Ground

Introducing Air-2-Ground

Data delivered to your entire organization seamlessly.

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Run your solar asset like a well-oiled machine by leveraging some of the brightest minds in the business.

Deep Financial Understanding

Only PXYZ provides a comprehensive financial analysis of your asset, ensuring you focus on the highest impact areas.

Fast Data Processing

PXYZ's software and engineers are able to turn over project deliverables with industry leading turnaround times.

Lower Costs, More Data

Leveraging PXYZ's robotics and software drives down costs and manpower needs while increasing output data points.

Superior Flight Operations

From military bases to active airfields and even prisons - if it can be flown legally we can get the clearance.

A Team of Experts

PXYZ was founded by experts in energy, aviation and technology. As experienced business people first, we understand the value of speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Secure Robotics

All of PXYZ's robotics are secure and approved for use at or near sensitive government airspace.

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