Site Assessment

High resolution imagery of remote project sites.


Making decisions quickly is never easy, and making well-informed decisions quickly can be downright impossible. In the past, assessments used to mean sending an engineering team to your site to get gather details that simply aren't available via Google Earth. But sending a full team costs time - and a lot of money.

For prospective site development, PXYZ's drone-derived orthomosaic imagery will provide you relevant, timely and cost-effective alternatives to on-site visits. A drone team can shoot up to 5000 acres per day, giving you access to huge areas of land in no time flat.


Avoid hidden obstacles and unexpected costs at your prospective project sites, getting the detailed imagery you need to quickly evaluate potential impact while improving the efficiency of team field deployments using our Air-2-Ground platform.

Rapid Site Assessments

drone orthomosaic

Google Earth is a great tool for overall site evaluation, but this site shot - taken from the same location as the following image - generates as many questions as it does answers, often requiring onsite inspection and boots on the ground.

orthomosaic thermal image drone

A three thousand-acre site can have a lot of hidden obstacles that might cost you big time. Drone imagery can resolve details as small as .5", enabling remote inspection of prospective site locations in ways that Google Earth can only dream of.

Accurately Evaluate Your Entire Site

orthomosaic drone

Google Earth Pro, or Google Maps, can easily lead an engineer to diagnose a tree as a rock-or vice versa. That ambiguity can lead to unanticipated costs during construction that necessitate an onsite visit.

orthomosaic drone mapping service

High-resolution orthomosaics generated by drones with high-speed cameras provide a clear indicator of the object-in this case a shrub.

Benefits & Features.

Easily identify problematic areas - remotely

Fast turnaround times, typically within 48 hours

Current, actionable information that reduces project costs

High resolution, as low as .5" GSD

Generate basic contours for overall topography

Optional Ground Control for higher accuracy

Introducing AirWing

All your needs - under one wing

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Run your solar asset like a well-oiled machine by leveraging some of the brightest minds in the business.

Deep Financial Understanding

Only PXYZ provides a comprehensive financial analysis of your asset, ensuring you focus on the highest impact areas.

Fast Data Processing

PXYZ's software and engineers are able to turn over project deliverables with industry leading turnaround times.

Lower Costs, More Data

Leveraging PXYZ's robotics and software drives down costs and manpower needs while increasing output data points.

Superior Flight Operations

From military bases to active airfields and even prisons - if it can be flown legally we can get the clearance.

A Team of Experts

PXYZ was founded by experts in energy, aviation and technology. As experienced business people first, we understand the value of speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Secure Robotics

All of PXYZ's robotics are secure and approved for use at or near sensitive government airspace.

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