Asset Resale & Recovery

Accurate, fast assessment of asset status and value.


Solar assets are becoming more and more liquid, often sold and acquired by entities looking to take advantage of the steady returns they offer. For both buyers and sellers, understanding the underlying value of those assets is critical—long term returns only happen when your assets are performing in line with their financial targets.

Precision XYZ helps both buyers and sellers assess a power plant's operational and physical status, providing a fast, efficient and accurate means to calculate a plant's current economic value and potential future cash flow.


Determine asset status through on-the-ground project assessment, thermal inspection, engineering analysis and financial pro-forma valuation. Decide whether to resell or repower the asset, or simply recover components for recycling.

Every engagement includes:

Financial pro-forma based on remaining PPA terms and pricing

Thermal analysis of the power plant’s performance

Physical topography map of the site

Where necessary, an as-built diagram of the physical power plant facility

On the ground inspection and assessment

Finally we provide a thorough summary report with recommendations for corrective actions, repowering or recycling of the asset. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Precision XYZ’s services help you quickly determine the value of a power plant and the most efficient course of action.

Benefits & Features.

One-stop-shop for project acquisition & release assessments

Neutral 3rd party assessment of remaining asset value

Fast and efficient turnaround, as quick as 48 hours

Digital file for archival purposes

Optional repowering or recovery cost estimates

Georectified Orthomosaics of the site

Thermal anomaly inspection & rating

Effective Annual Degradation indices based on thermal data

Optional 'As-built' diagram construction

Site restoration estimates

Introducing Air-2-Ground

Data delivered to your entire organization seamlessly.

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Run your solar asset like a well-oiled machine by leveraging some of the brightest minds in the business.

Deep Financial Understanding

Only PXYZ provides a comprehensive financial analysis of your asset, ensuring you focus on the highest impact areas.

Fast Data Processing

PXYZ's software and engineers are able to turn over project deliverables with industry leading turnaround times.

Lower Costs, More Data

Leveraging PXYZ's robotics and software drives down costs and manpower needs while increasing output data points.

Superior Flight Operations

From military bases to active airfields and even prisons - if it can be flown legally we can get the clearance.

A Team of Experts

PXYZ was founded by experts in energy, aviation and technology. As experienced business people first, we understand the value of speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Secure Robotics

All of PXYZ's robotics are secure and approved for use at or near sensitive government airspace.

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