Site Assessment

Mobilize project teams with remote imagery.

Avoid hidden obstacles and unexpected costs at your prospective project sites, getting the detailed imagery you need to quickly evaluate potential challenges while improving the efficiency of team field deployments using our Air-2-Ground platform.

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Topographic Mapping

Get the maps you need - FAST.

Steer clear of project delays due to slow turnover on surveys. Precision XYZ's Topographic Mapping service - combined with a network of experienced Professional Land Surveyors - gets your engineering team the accurate data they need to start working quickly and efficiently.

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Site Progress Monitoring

Manage progress across thousands of acres with weekly or monthly monitoring.

Drive construction efficiency by accurately tracking key metrics across your entire job site, from civil works, to piles driven, inverter pads laid or panels installed. Weekly or monthly accountability tracking with Air-2-Ground is fast, efficient and accurate.

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Thermal Inspections

Accelerate project commissioning and improve asset performance with regular thermal scans.

Avoid paying for broken project deliverables on newly built assets. Improve project performance for existing assets by rapidly identifying financially relevant outages and correcting them efficiently in the field.

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Asset Resale & Recovery

Accurate, fast assessment of asset status and value.

Determine asset status through on-the-ground project assessment, thermal inspection, engineering analysis and financial pro-forma valuation. Decide whether to resell or repower the asset, or simply recover the asset components for recycling.

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Introducing Air-2-Ground

Data delivered to your entire organization seamlessly.

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