Precision Mapping

For multi-acre projects, drones provide a better tool for mapping than traditional methods - they generate accurate, repeatable results significantly faster than conventional ground based approaches. Combined with high resolution orthomosaics, the final product is both aesthetically superior and provides a faster turnaround time than traditionally derived line drawings.   


get the maps you need - quickly

Drone based solutions have improved dramatically over the last several years, providing mapping services that are equal to or in some cases superior to traditional mapping techniques. Surveyor's using drones can now map a location down to millimeter level accuracy and generate a complete topo map in days rather than weeks or months. PrecisionXYZ works under the guidance of licensed PLS' to deliver stamped surveys compliant with regional or national requirements.  

Get the quality you need - fast 

PrecisionXYZ is not a survey firm, nor are we an engineering firm. We do understand the time sensitive nature of development work and the legal requirements needed for survey grade data. That's why we do all our work directly with surveyors licensed to operate in your region to ensure you have a final product that meets the most rigorous engineering and legal conditions. What you end up with is a topo product that meets all the exacting needs of the survey and engineering profession in a timeframe that meets your requirements. 

get the coverage you require - nationally

PrecisionXYZ operates across North America and Hawaii to provide you the service you need, where and when you need it. Whether you have a job in New York or Honolulu, we can deliver the service you need in the timeframe required. All our pilot operators are FAA certified and insured.