Industrial Inspection and Construction Progress Monitoring

Aerial photography provides asset owners, construction organizations and project investors a great tool to check on the state of their project from their desktop. For firms in the process of building assets, PrecisionXYZ services include:

  • High fidelity topology surveys that reduce materials usage increasing higher net project margins
  • Site progress reporting with aerial images of the site, allowing investors, developers and construction firms to gain a visual record of the state of the project on a weekly basis

For organizations overseeing or managing built assets, PrecisionXYZ offers additional services providing regular visual inspections of those assets. This includes:

  • Thermal scans to detect system failures, inefficient heating or cooling, or rooftop leaks
  • Visual inspections to create a repeatable, digital records of asset status

PrecisionXYZ also partners with 3D modeling firms to deliver precise digital 3D models of As Built records, enabling you to retain an exact history of the asset. 

Residential Real Estate

Not every property benefits from aerial photography - some simply don't need the added perspective that aerial imagery provides. However, sites with the following characteristics should consider using aerial images to differentiate and entice buyers:

  • Hillside properties, where the added perspective casts the property in a more favorable context
  • Properties with extensive land or multiple buildings
  • Estates with challenging curbside appeal but extensive backyard landscaping 
  • Ranches or semi-rural settings
  • Homes with unique architectural details which benefit from an aerial perspective

In a time when buyers literally have the world at their finger tips, creating a differentiated image in the minds of perspective internet centric shoppers is critical. For sites that can use aerial imagery, this added leverage comes at pennies on the dollar.