How Drones, Data & AI Are Transforming the Solar Sector

How Drones, Data & AI Are Transforming the Solar Sector

Whether you look at manufacturing, driving, cooking, or just about any other industry (including solar), you’re looking at a relentless push for more automation. This shift is not a fad—it’s a movement driven by the rising costs of labor and falling costs of technology.

At the end of the day, automation in the solar energy industry through drones is a push to lower costs, improve productivity and increase yields across the board. And so far, the results are already very convincing.

Smart Solutions for Tough Problems

Drones/UAVs are the most visible part of this automation trend. But they often overshadow another facet that’s just as crucial—artificial intelligence.

Drones don’t stand alone, and they require at least rudimentary AI to really act as a force multiplier for your business. AI-powered drones provide quick, accurate, efficient and consistent data collection in ways that boots on the ground just can’t—data your business needs to improve workflows and drive productivity gains.

More Predictable, Accurate, and Repeatable

Data derived through artificially intelligent drones is simply more predictable, accurate and repeatable than traditional sources and methods—specifically, manual, human-centric operations. .

Drones offer iterative data collection far faster than their human counterparts, meaning you’ll get clearer, more reliable data that’s less speculation and more reality.

Precision XYZ uses drones specifically focused on the needs of the solar sector. We provide a variety of services, including initial site assessment and topographical mapping, site progress monitoring, thermal assessments, and even crucial data for asset resale and recovery. All of these are designed to improve workflows and operational efficiency.

The scope and shear amount of data made available through drone systems is significant, so that analytics and packaging of the data is what really helps solar asset owners get their site online faster while increasing their productivity and profitability.

Drones Impact Your Bottom Line

When SunPower’s Tom Werner claims that drones reduce construction costs by 30%, you have to take that with a grain of salt—there is definitely some creative license mixed in with that statement.

However, if you look at the combined impact of the forces at work, it’s no stretch to argue that the combination of rapidly evolving drones, constantly-improving AIs and reliable data will drive 30% more value from these solar plants over the lifespan of the asset. And that’s not hype – it’s simply the ongoing impact of technology, economics and the future of automation.

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