Solar Energy Site Progress Tracking Software

Site progress tracking, simplified.

Finally, get a real, accurate view of your project.

Now, EPC Firms can track site progress and developments effortlessly with PXYZ.

Keep Your Project On Time

With PXYZ, you’ll get automatic tracking of the key metrics that drive your business—including piles driven, panels installed, site prep and more. With a full, visual timeline of your site, you’ll be able to keep your project right on schedule with fewer nasty surprises and fewer headaches than ever before.

Easily Track & Manage POC Billing

Everyone likes getting paid on time. PXYZ lets you easily track and manage percentage of completion (POC) billing to put more dollars in your pocket, faster. Whether you’re managing a small site or one spanning thousands of acres, you won’t find more accurate monitoring and reporting than with PXYZ.

Mitigate Risks, Avoid Potential Conflicts

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that couldn’t be more true for risk management in your solar project. Our thorough monitoring system leaves no stone unturned, helping you avoid and eliminate human error, while machine learning delivers more reliable data—faster.

Precision XYZ Services

Site Assessment

Site Assessment

Mobilize project teams quickly with remote imagery.

Topographic Mapping

Topographic Mapping

Get the maps you need faster than ever before.

Site Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Manage progress across thousands of acres with weekly or monthly monitoring.

Thermal Inspections

Thermal Inspections

Accelerate project commissioning and improve asset performance with regular thermal scans.

Air 2 Ground

Air 2 Ground

Mobilize project teams quickly with remote imagery.

Asset Resale & Recovery

Asset Resale & Recovery

Accurate, fast assessment of asset status and value.

Got a solar project?

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Why should I pick PXYZ?

Exclusively Focused on the Solar Industry

When you work with PXYZ, you’re getting a team that lives and breathes the solar industry just as much as you. With a deep understanding of drone operations, aviation and energy software development across the whole solar value chain, no team knows the the solar business like we do.

Air-2-Ground App

Our breakthrough renewable energy data management platform, Air-2-Ground, enables stakeholders to build complete, historical systems of record for your project’s entire lifecycle—whether you’re analyzing EPC, Development, Asset Management or O&M.

Available When and Where You Need Us

The sun never sets on the world’s solar plants, with renewable energy projects cropping up in every corner of the globe.Whether you’re bringing solar energy to the people of San Jose or Saigon, New York or New Delhi, our network of global operator pilots has you covered.

Fast Data Processing

Our engineers and software allow for rapid turnover of project deliverables—whether you’re interested in total Construction Monitoring, complex Topographic Maps or detailed Thermal Analysis—in quick, industry-leading turnaround and unprecedented precision.

Lower Costs, Better Data

Bad data leads to bad decisions, and perhaps no other industry is prone to incomplete data collection as solar. Instead of chasing false positives, leverage our software and robotics to cut costs and manpowers needs while driving an increase in output and profitability.

Deep Financial Understanding

At the end of the day, you need to turn a profit—that’s why we build pro-formas for every client and project we work with, whether you’re an EPC firm, a developer or an asset owner. No matter where you are in the process, you’ll understand exactly how and where PXYZ adds the most value to your project.

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