Learning to Fly

Today's competitive environment is more challenging than ever, with firms constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, increase margins or differentiate their market offers. The majority of companies today who are evaluating drones and other aerial solutions are doing so largely as a result of these competitive pressures; they've got an existing process that is too expensive, too dangerous, or simply taking too long and they recognize aerial solutions can help. In some cases, for example real estate, they recognize their existing solutions are insufficiently undifferentiated and aerial imagery offers a new perspective on an old view. 

But for all the pluses of integrating drones into your operations, there are a lot of considerations to take into account to make sure you're successful in your efforts:

- Training of staff and personnel

- Sourcing and selection of equipment

- Integrating data flows into your existing operations

- Understanding liability and risk

- Scaling your operation and managing ROI targets

Learning and implementing all this can be intimidating, and is bit like climbing an evolutionary ladder, with emergent processes on the lowest rung and fully automated heuristic systems on the top rung. Generally speaking fully automated heuristic systems have well defined and strong ROI's that engender broad support across a business. Emergent processes, on the other hand, have compelling use cases but the ROI, while potentially compelling, is not yet well understood. 

Drone Service Providers, or Integrated Aerial Service Providers (integrating both drone and manned aircraft operations), offer enterprises and businesses a path forward that can move them up that ladder much more quickly. This allows the individual tasked with implementing these processes the ability to build a hybrid operation, where policy, objectives and operational oversight is established inside your company, but mission planning, equipment, personnel and flight risk are handled by your DSP or IASP. Not only does this allow you to more rapidly realize the benefits of these services, it provides you a strong learning path forward to better understand the ins and outs of integrating these operations into your existing processes. 

PrecisionXYZ is an Integrated Aerial Service Provider (IASP) that works closely with businesses to understand their processes and makes sure our services integrate with our clients existing workflows. In some cases, we even help them build those workflows. Competition is here to stay and is now global in scope regardless of whether you're a small local business or a large global enterprise. Using an IASP can help insure you've got a vehicle to keep you at the front of the pack and the top of the ladder.  

Mark Culpepper