Drone Operations—What’s the Real Risk for Your Business?

In previous posts we’ve talked about the costs of setting up and running an internal drone operations. But what about the liabilities? What level of risk is your business willing to take on when it comes to putting a drone into the hands of a field operator? The good news...

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The Real Cost of An In-house Drone Team

Drone data service providers like Precision XYZ cost well under half of what you can expect to pay to build out and maintain your own drone operation. Here’s why. Decisions, Decisions I saw my first commercial drone solution back in 2010 at a solar conference in Germany. I say “commercial”...

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Who Cares About Annual Panel Revenue (APR)? O&M Providers Should

Too Cheap to Meter I’ve worked in the solar sector for over a decade, and I frequently get proposals from distributors and manufacturers asking if I’d like to purchase modules—both in bulk and small volumes. When I started in the industry back in ‘05, the rate was about $4.10/Watt—just for...

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Solar’s Dirty Secret – And Why Drones Are Dominating The Sector

Utility-scale solar is unlike almost any other energy infrastructure system on the planet. These solar sites occupy vast expanses of land, covering up to 7,000 acres or more. The only potential comparable energy infrastructure system would be coal, but its footprint is anything but light—open pit coal mines take a...

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Press Release: PXYZ to Present on Drones, IOT and Mapping at Solar Power International 2018

Precision XYZ (PXYZ) will be presenting at SPI this week. Check out the press release linked below, and be sure to stop by our booth (#281) at SPI! Press Release

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Do Thermal Scans Make Cents?

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” Warren Buffett’s famous quip is extremely applicable in today’s solar environment, where an inordinate amount of conversation is about the value of thermal scans. Having performed hundreds of MW of thermal scans, it’s obvious to us at Precision XYZ that...

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