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Maximize your plant’s value.

Make better decisions with more meaningful data. Increase your plant’s lifetime value.

PXYZ empowers you to manage your teams intelligently and maximize your asset value.

Accelerate Plant Commissioning

Reduce IV curve tracing requirements by 90% or more. Identify warranty claims, verify overall plant performance and estimate daily economic impact of anomalies—all prior to Commercial Operation Date. PXYZ gives you the tools and the data to accelerate plant commissioning more than any other drone operator available.

Intelligent O&M Deployment

Sending a crew to fix a faulty panel that might only generate $20 per year in revenue just isn’t cost-effective. With smart thermal monitoring, you’ll know which issues can be put on the back burner, when it’s time to roll a truck, and exactly where you’ll need to send your O&M crews with zero wasted time and energy.

Data for the Lifetime of Your Asset

With solar assets becoming more and more liquid, knowing the exact value of your plant is crucial for both buyers and sellers. PXYZ helps you visualize and track the value of your asset, assessing both operational and physical status, and giving you an accurate measure of just how much your asset is really worth.

Precision XYZ Services

Site Assessment

Site Assessment

Mobilize project teams quickly with remote imagery.

Topographic Mapping

Topographic Mapping

Get the maps you need faster than ever before.

Site Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Manage progress across thousands of acres with weekly or monthly monitoring.

Thermal Inspections

Thermal Inspections

Accelerate project commissioning and improve asset performance with regular thermal scans.

Air 2 Ground

Air 2 Ground

Mobilize project teams quickly with remote imagery.

Asset Resale & Recovery

Asset Resale & Recovery

Accurate, fast assessment of asset status and value.

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Why should I pick PXYZ?

Exclusively Focused on the Solar Industry

When you work with PXYZ, you’re getting a team that lives and breathes the solar industry just like you. With extensive expertise in energy software development, aviation and drone operations across the entire solar value chain, no other provider knows the business of solar like we do.

Air-2-Ground App

Our flagship renewable energy data management platform, Air-2-Ground, enables stakeholders to build a complete, historical system of record throughout the solar lifecycle—from Development to EPC to ongoing Asset Management and O&M.

Available When and Where You Need Us

The sun shines on every inch of the globe and operations in the solar sector aren’t limited to one state or city. That’s why our network of global pilot operators work everywhere you do - whether it’s Vermont, Georgia, California or even Egypt. Our drones will have you covered—literally.

Fast Data Processing

PXYZ’s software and engineers are able to turn over project deliverables—from complex Topographic Maps and Thermal Analysis to complete Construction Monitoring services—with industry-leading, rapid turnaround times and unparalleled precision.

Lower Costs, Better Data

The old saying of “garbage in, garbage out” was never more true than for data tied to solar operations. False positives costs O&M operators money. Leveraging PXYZ’s robotics and software drives down your costs and manpower needs while increasing the outputs on your solar portfolio.

Deep Financial Understanding

Our background in the solar industry provides a deep understanding of the underlying financials that drive the sector. It’s why we build financial pro-formas for every project we work on, whether your a developer, an EPC firm or an asset owner. This informs where we add the most value for your project—regardless of where you are in the process.

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