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Aerial robotic tech adoption is exploding in the solar energy industry, and for good reason - drones provide priceless data across a broad spectrum of business use cases, letting you make better decisions faster.

But while drone costs have dropped drastically over the years, building out a full drone team within your business is still costly and time-intensive. At least, it was - until Precision's AirWing came along.


Build accurate topography maps quickly and efficiently. Identify power plant production issues and efficiently get production back up to match investor expectations. AirWing gets your drone operations off the ground - without the stress or cost of hiring and managing your own team.

AirWing provides you a complete, fully staffed outsourced solution to get you up and running fast. Whether you need a site assessment, a full topographic map, regular site progress monitoring or a full thermal commissioning inspection of newly built power plant or an existing asset in operation, AirWing is your eye in the sky. Even your marketing department will benefit with full imagery and video available for sites and projects.

With access to our Air-2-Ground software platform, your data is easily accessed from the field or the office. And with an API-centric design, feeding data into your existing systems couldn't be easier.


Run your solar asset like a well-oiled machine by leveraging some of the brightest minds in the business.

Deep Financial Understanding

Only PXYZ provides a comprehensive financial analysis of your asset, ensuring you focus on the highest impact areas.

Fast Data Processing

PXYZ's software and engineers are able to turn over project deliverables with industry leading turnaround times.

Lower Costs, More Data

Leveraging PXYZ's robotics and software drives down costs and manpower needs while increasing output data points.

Superior Flight Operations

From military bases to active airfields and even prisons - if it can be flown legally we can get the clearance.

A Team of Experts

PXYZ was founded by experts in energy, aviation and technology. As experienced business people first, we understand the value of speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Secure Robotics

All of PXYZ's robotics are secure and approved for use at or near sensitive government airspace.

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