Did you know...

Drone surveys of solar assets routinely cut time and costs up to 55% compared to your traditional boots-on-the-ground approach.

Constructing, managing, maintaining and selling energy systems for the next generation is hard, risky work—whether you’re dealing with an asset covering 5,000 acres of western desert or spread across the rooftops of 50 big box stores in five states.

While the solar energy industry is booming and the technology filling your PV arrays, batteries and inverters is evolving, the way you measure the data that matters hasn’t changed much in the past few decades—and that’s costing you.

The truth is...

Solar isn’t the new oil—data is. And right now, there’s simply no other method of obtaining, tracking, analyzing and managing data for solar installations than with aerial drone operators.

As the old adage goes, if you aren’t measuring, you aren’t managing. How much do you really know about your site’s topography, the productivity of your arrays, or the value of your asset? How much are you willing to leave up to chance?

Drones eliminate many of the problems associated with manually mapping, building, monitoring and managing your solar asset by delivering rapid results, working more efficiently, and collecting more accurate data than ever before possible.

The problem is...

Building out your own drone operator team can be prohibitively costly, time-consuming, and fraught with trial and error. It’s also difficult to find a skilled, experienced outside firm who really gets the solar industry—and the financials that influence your bottom line.

Building out your own drone operator team is a massive time sink, and will cost your business anywhere from $80-600 per acre, not to mention up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in yearly depreciation costs.

Hiring a professional drone data service provider will likely cost half of what you can expect to pay for an in-house team...but finding a company with the right skill set and industry expertise is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s where we come in.

Welcome to PXYZ

Sometimes it takes a different perspective to accelerate project velocity. Sometimes it takes experience. With us, you get both. We're a team of energy, aviation and technology experts, and we help our clients solve real problems in the solar industry.

Combining drone data with financial modeling and software engineering, we help accelerate project velocity for systems in development, improve the quality of sites under construction, and increase output of operating assets—quickly, accurately and efficiently.

With decades of top-level experience in renewable energy infrastructure, we understand the industry and your work environment better than anyone else. We’ll help you collect the data that matters, so you can focus on doing what you do best.


The PXYZ team is made up of high IQ, highly educated all-stars who all possess significant experience.

Mark Culpepper

Founder & Managing Partner

From digital telecommunications to distributed energy and aerial service providers, Mark has worked with emergent infrastructure for nearly 24 years, spending the past 6 years working with drones and general aviation.

Mark is constantly looking for cost-effective solutions, owing to his experience as CTO and GM for Global Assets at SunEdison, where he was responsible for $1.5B in assets and all energy revenue for the business.

Mark was quick to realize the potential of drone technology in markets such as solar energy, but the key sticking point was cost - until recently, drones were just prohibitively expensive for large-scale mapping and asset inspection. But the spark was there, and Mark has spent years realizing the full potential of airborne robotics.

Today, drones have evolved significantly, and with that evolution came regulatory frameworks and more favorable economics. Sensing a huge opportunity for the solar industry, Mark and his partner Ed DeBoer - a seasoned pilot and business pro - founded Precision XYZ.

To date, PXYZ has successfully mapped over 15,000 acres, thermally scanned over 275 MW of solar fields, and has expanded with truly elite talent from both the technology and energy sector. Years in the making, Precision is pioneering fast, accurate and efficient solutions the solar energy industry has been waiting for.

Ed DeBoer

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ed is PXYZ's Co-Founder and Chief Pilot. As a seasoned aviation expert, Ed is responsible for all aerial platforms and mission-related aerial operations, bringing with him over 20 years of experience with RC and UAV technology, software and service development.

Mattias Bottner


Mattias is our head of Development and Chief Technology Officer, humble genius and master of all things cutting-edge. Mattias brings Precision XYZ years of R&D expertise and is the secret to giving our projects wings.

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