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Engineers, Builders, Surveyors & Industrial Inspectors

Whether you need a precise topography map for a development, a thermal analysis of a power plant, or recurring site progress imagery for project management, getting accurate results quickly and cost effectively is what we do. PrecisionXYZ is an integrated aerial services provider offering remote data collection and processing for engineers, builders, surveyors, and industrial operators. As an integrated aerial service provider we work with both drones as well as manned aircraft solutions. With affordable prices and great service, PrecisionXYZ prides itself on delivering quick, accurate, cost effective results for demanding clients. 




PrecisionXYZ estimates are based on service requested, location and scheduling. We guarantee a 24 hour turn around on any price quote.

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At Blue Oak Energy we really pride ourselves on delivering accurate projects that exceed client expectations. PrecisionXYZ did a number of shoots for power plants we’ve built and the imagery was top notch, with outstanding service. I would definitely recommend them.
— Tobin Booth
As a project developer getting progress reports with aerial images for project owners was critical. PrecisionXYZ was the first service provider we worked with who really understood that aspect of our business. I would highly recommend them.
— Erin Bell
ArrayCon has built solar power plants literally all over the globe, and some of the largest solar PV power in the world. These power plants can span literally hundreds of acres. So we want imagery that gives us context for the entire site - be it accurate topography, progress reports, or thermal imagery testing during commissioning. PrecisionXYZ provides all those services in a professional manner.”
— Rick Lavezzo
I was one of the first real estate agents to use aerial imagery in the East Bay. I started using PrecisionXYZ when they first got started and have been delighted with their service, professionalism and end product. I would definitely recommend them for your aerial real estate imagery needs.
— Altie Schmitt



We provide a complete project guarantee with a safe, secure and transparent project process. If you're not completely satisfied with our work, we'll do everything we can to address your concerns - up to and including a complete refund. 

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About Us

Technology, aircraft AND Imagery

As Northern California natives, our founders Mark and Ed have been exposed to and working with technology for a long time, starting as kids with the Apple II and IBM computers back in the early 80's. 

Mark has worked with emergent infrastructure, be it digital telecommunications, distributed energy or integrated aerial service providers, for nearly 24 years. For the last 6 years he's worked with drones and general aviation. 

Ed is a certified pilot who has been involved with general aviation and photography for well over a decade, and has been flying and building drones for over 30 years.

All our pilots are Part 107 certified and insured, and our data processing team has a long history of working with geographic information systems and integrating with enterprise SaaS solutions.  

PrecisionXYZ is a Veteran owned business.